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Cladding Systems goes back over 30 years and and is one of the building industry’s principal facade companies in Australia.

Focussed primarily on architectural exterior cladding of commercial and high-end domestic applications, our products include Nu Wall® aluminium cladding, ALUCOBOND® and related composite panels. We also handle exclusive designs, like back-ventilated European systems that incorporate the use of tiles, stone and timber.

nuwall-logoCladding Solutions


Cladding Systems - LatrobeInnovation and Experience

Cladding Systems have driven a number of innovations to the substructure that deliver construction savings and the ability to achieve more complicated designs, employing the use of specialised lightweight framing.

Galvanised products are heavier and create corrosion issues when fixed to aluminium. Cladding Systems also introduced an innovative adjustable aluminium battening system, allowing the cladding zone to be prepared and straightened ready for panel installation in far less time.

Our system can be used with other cladding products and can create different facade depths on the same building. Where practical, our Nu Wall® solution has replaced more expensive/high maintenance options on areas such as long walls, delivering significant savings. Typical finishes that can be replicated with Nu Wall® include zinc (standing seam), stone and timber – eliminating costly maintenance! We’re also developing a range of acoustic panels and architectural cupboard doors.

Refurbish, Modernise or Mix Old & New
The versatility of the Nu Wall® range is such that it sits easily on almost any type of building, whether it is an Art Deco apartment block, an old fashioned Californian Bungalow, modern factory or contemporary office building. The variety of boards are able to replicate looks such as: Zinc (including standing seam), various types of rounded and sharp corrugations, and even polished stone and timber looks.

And of course there are the unique profiles specific to Nu Wall® . Similarly, Cladding Systems have successfully used ALUCOBOND® where architects have needed to add a contemporary flair to existing buildings.

Your Vision, our Passion
The possibilities with Nu Wall® are virtually endless with over a dozen different profiles and hundreds of colours able to be combined in almost any way you choose. Finishes available include the wide range of Dulux and Interpon powder coating colours, and some profiles also lend themselves to anodising.

This is not forgetting the known versatility of ALUCOBOND® for fantastic shapes and designs with the ability to deliver a memorable result. At Cladding Systems we have the experience, expertise and desire to transform your vision into reality.

Expert Advice
Senior members of the Cladding Systems team are more than happy to help at the design stage to ensure that your concept does not become compromised due to budgetary or practical restraints. We can often offer practical solutions to achieve your design intent, whilst still maintaining the desired quality finish.

At site stage, we are able to supply on-site training if required – although often once the project is underway we find we are not required as the system is simple and intuitive to install.

Modern Production Facilities

Cladding Systems believes that continual investment in technology and equipment is the key to maintaining a competitive advantage. Employing the use of the latest technology CNC machining equipment means the quality and accuracy of ALUCOBOND® panels delivered to site is second to none.

We own and operate an extensive range of site access machinery from small scissor lifts through to large elevated work platforms – Cladding Systems have it covered! All our equipment is maintained to the highest of standards in accordance with a strict maintenance and certification program ensuring every piece of equipment complies with OH & S standards and codes.

Cladding Systems Factory Thomastown

Cladding Systems - Frame and Substructure Preparation


Cladding Systems are currently working towards achieving an ENERGY STAR rating, and to this end a number of initiatives have been put into place.

Traditionally ALUCOBOND® off cuts have simply been thrown to waste, this is no longer the case at Cladding Systems. Off cuts are either processed through specially designed presses and turned into horseshoe packers for use on site, or they are turned into an array of novelty products such as planter boxes, rain heads and feature bird houses to mention just a few. This leaves Cladding Systems with virtually zero waste.

The Nu Wall® products are made from up to 65% recycled aluminium. Given that recycled aluminium costs only 1% of the embodied energy required to produce aluminium from raw materials, this is a significant saving. At the end of their service life, the Nu Wall® products can be easily recycled again, with their removal extremely simple.

On projects of sufficient size the Nu Wall® products can be finished in the Interpon® Cool Chemistry® range. This is a heat reflective form of powder coating that reflects infrared light, lowering metal substrate temperatures, heat retention and cooling costs. Lab testing within a model enclosure shows Cool Chemistry® powder coatings can create up to a 20˚C drop in substrate surface temperature, resulting in a 10˚C reduction in internal temperatures when compared to standard powder coatings.  


alucobond-logoCladding Systems & Alucabond®

Cladding Systems have evolved into one of Victoria’s largest Alucobond fabricators and installers.


Endorsed by Alucobond Architectural Pty Ltd as an accredited and preferred subcontractor, Cladding Systems has invested in state of the art CNC processing equipment to ensure every project is delivered with a level of accuracy that cannot be achieved with traditional processing methods.

Cladding Systems has also developed new innovative framing methods that enables significant off site works to take place in our factory, where process and quality can be strictly monitored. Finished modules are delivered to site and simply craned into position as finished facade components of the building. This system delivers savings in structural steel costs and accelerated facade completion.

From an environmental perspective all Cladding Systems substructure fixing components are extruded from 65% recycled aluminium and any waste generated during the Alucobond installation process is retained for recycling.

“Cladding Systems has been working with ALUCOBOND® for over 20 years. Throughout this time, Cladding Systems have grown their cladding division and with investment in cutting edge technology, they are able to provide a cost effective solution for the most complex projects. This innovative thinking has seen Cladding Systems become a major ALUCOBOND® fabricator in the industry. Cladding Systems have been a professional company to deal with and at ALUCOBOND® Architectural, we place great value on being a major supplier to them.”

Alucobond Architectural


kingspanCladding Systems and Kingspan®

The relationship between Cladding Systems and Kingspan spans many years.

Initial interaction between the companies was directly related to the cold storage construction sector which still forms a significant percentage of Cladding Systems contracting works. However, in more recent times, focus has been shifted to the Kingspan AWP (architectural wall products) range. Currently Cladding Systems is in the middle of the substantial South Melbourne Market relocation project in Cooper Street, Epping.


Specialty Facades

Cladding Systems Speciality Facades

Cladding Systems have developed systems for the manufacturing and cladding of balustrades, fins and architectural features. Advantages of this new concept are:

  • Reduction of structural steel costs
  • Improved site / installation labour efficiency
  • The ability to deliver architectural features where access is difficult

All of these systems are fully engineered and relevant compliance documents are supplied upon completion.


Nu Wall


Cladding Systems & Nu Wall®

Cladding Systems are proud to be the Australian distributors of the Nu Wall® range of architectural cladding products, which are suitable for both high-end residential and commercial use.


Nu Wall Cladding

For all Nu Wall enquiries, please contact: Mr. John Pater – Ph: 03 9466 3660  |  Fax: 03 9466 3664  |  Email: click here


Nu Wall® is an extruded aluminium system designed and extruded in New Zealand. It offers over a dozen profile variants, giving specifiers a wide choice from traditional weatherboard appearance to ultra-modern options. The real key to success of the system is that as a pre-finished aluminium product maintenance is minimal and the lifespan of the material is significant.

Its ease of installation negates the need for any specialised contractors to install and the great advantage is that from a construction perspective no other trades (e.g. painters) are required to follow. Therefore at the completion of the Nu Wall® installation expensive access can immediately be de hired as the elevation is complete.

Energy Efficient
The Nu Wall® system is extruded by an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer and utilises up to 65% reclaimed material in the extrusion process. Recycled aluminium uses only 1% of the energy required to produce aluminium from scratch. This makes Nu Wall® a very environmentally friendly cladding selection for your next project. To further reduce waste Nu Wall® is extruded specifically to your project requirements – on larger projects a combination of lengths can be ordered at no cost penalty.

In addition on projects of a reasonable size you have the option of choosing energy efficient Cool Chemistry® powder coat finishes from Interpon® that under lab conditions have created up to a 20° C drop in substrate temperatures.  

Extensive Range of Finishes
Unlike more expensive cladding products available to designers, the Nu Wall® system does not limit your colour selection to a restrictive standard colour range. With Nu Wall® you have the ability to choose colours from the extensive Interpon® or Dulux® powder coat colour selector, from standard Colorbond® colours to pearlescent and textured options. In addition certain Nu Wall® profiles are also able to be anodised either in matt clear or a variety of coloured anodise choices.

Anodising gives the Nu Wall® system a natural metallic look displaying the natural colour variants of aluminium, a look that some specifiers strive for in their designs. Please contact us and seek advice on which profiles are suitable for the anodising finish.

Our products can and have been used on areas as diverse as entrance foyers, shop fit outs and garage doors. As far as specialised finishes are concerned your future specifications are limited only by your imagination – speak to Cladding Systems to explore the options.

Unlike traditional cladding products on the market when you specify the Nu Wall® system your selection and mixing of finishes is limited only by your imagination. No other system gives you the versatility to combine and blend colours and finishes in the same wall and best of all no further refinishing required.  

New Developments
In your next project are you looking to introduce timber, but your client is concerned about the maintenance issues that accompany this specification? Timber is inclined to crack and warp, needs constant re-painting, can be subject to attacks by insects and termites, and cannot be used in areas that are highly exposed to heat or cold. This will no longer be an issue when you use Cladding Systems products. Currently under development with Knotwood™, a leading Australian finishing company, Cladding Systems is in a position to offer a variety of timber finishes that can be applied to all of the Nu Wall® profile range.

Although these finishes are slightly more expensive than standard powder coat or anodise finishes the long term maintenance issues faced with the specification of natural timber far outweighs the initial additional cost.

Using similar processes to the timber look a polished stone look can be applied to the Mono 200 profile allowing you to introduce a high price look at a fraction of the cost. What’s more you don’t need specialised tradespeople to perform the installation.

Do you want to specify standing seam zinc, yet your client’s budget precludes this feature of your design? Cladding Systems, in conjunction with the development team at Nu Wall®, have come up with an all new alternate that will allow you to achieve this look at a fraction of zinc cost. By combining the Mono 200 profile and the new standing seam ancillary your design will no longer be compromised by budget.  

The Nu Wall® range comes with warranties of up to 25 years, depending upon the surface finish selected. Cladding Systems is a well-established company supplying Australia-wide, and has an excellent reputation in the building industry. We are therefore in an excellent position to stand behind our products. 

Aero 70


Aero 70 is suitable for either horizontal or vertical installation, and each extrusion profile has a cover of 140mm (i.e. each aerofoil is 70mm wide). The repeating aerofoil profile provides a finished appearance having a continuous surface, with inter-board joints being indistinguishable. The profile is compatible with contemporary designs; either as total cladding, or in combination with another Nu-Wall profile, or other material.

Aero 115



Aero 115 is suitable for either horizontal or vertical installation. The repeating aerofoil profile provides a finished appearance having a continuous surface, with inter-board joints being indistinguishable. The profile is compatible with contemporary designs; either as total cladding, or in combination with another Nu-Wall profile, or other material. Note that although the single extrusion profile is narrower overall than the Aero 70 and Aero 200, it only contains the one, larger 115mm wide aerofoil.

Aero 200


Aero 200 replaces the Aero 190 and is suitable for either horizontal or vertical installation. Each extrusion profile has a cover of 200mm (i.e. each aerofoil is 100mm wide). The repeating aerofoil profile provides a finished appearance having a continuous surface, with inter-board joints being indistinguishable. The profile is compatible with contemporary designs; either as total cladding, or in combination with another Nu-Wall profile, or other material.



Though one of the original Nu-Wall profiles, Classique still enjoys great popularity with those wishing to design and build a more traditionally-appearing dwelling. Typically finished in a conservative, solid powdercoat colour, this profile is difficult to distinguish from painted timber weatherboard. Nu-Wall Classique is suited to installation in a horizontal orientation. Each board has 136mm coverage.



Literally hot off the press the new Eden profile provides a negative detail to the original Mono 200 profile. Suitable for both horizontal and vertical applications, it provides a sleek, modern look. Each board has 200mm coverage.

Louvre 30


Louvre 30 is the most textured of the Nu Wall profiles and offers a mini bevel-backed appearance. Each extrusion offers 120mm cover width. An ideal application is as feature cladding, combined with another Nu-Wall profile, or with other cladding materials in contemporary designs. Note that this profile requires a traditional fixing through the board rather than the standard clip.

Louvre 60


Louvre 60 offers a mini bevel-backed appearance with 120mm cover width. An ideal application is as feature cladding, combined with another Nu-Wall profile, or with other cladding materials in contemporary designs.

Louvre 120


While being essentially a bevel-back weatherboard profile, Louvre120 can also be used to stunning effect in contemporary designs when finished in colours appropriate to the application. Metallic or pearlescent powdercoats, or Natural Silver anodising can achieve these kind of results. Each board offers 120mm of cover.

Louvre 150


The Louvre 150 is a brand new extrusion and has been created in response to a demand for a wider louvre profile. It is a bevel-back weatherboard profile that can also be used to striking effect in contemporary designs when finished in colours appropriate to the application. Metallic or pearlescent powdercoats, or natural silver anodising can achieve these kind of results. Coverage is 150mm.

Mono 200


Nu-Wall Mono 200 replaces the Mono 190 profile offers a cost-effective alternative to composite sheet aluminium products. The finished appearance of the cladding is a flat, continuous surface, broken only by the fine inter-board joint. The 200mm wide profile can be installed in either a vertical or horizontal orientation.

Ripple 150


While having a profile fundamentally similar to the larger-format Ripple 200, this 150mm wide version has its inter-board joint designed to provide the appearance of a continuous surface. Suitable for either horizontal or vertical installation, each board has 150mm coverage.

Ripple 200


The micro-corrugated profile of Nu-Wall Ripple200 has an expressed, visible inter-board joint; the finished appearance showing the distinctly separate cladding boards. This profile lends itself equally well to both horizontal and vertical applications. The wide 200mm cover enables speedy cladding of large areas, such as on commercial buildings. This section replaces the Ripple 190 profile and has 200mm coverage.



Shiplap is one of the original Nu-Wall profiles; installed horizontally it offers a straightforward, no-nonsense alternative to painted timber weatherboards. This profile also lends itself well to more contemporary applications; particularly when finished in a less conservative colour and installed in a vertical orientation. Each board has 150mm coverage.

Ullos 1


Nu-Wall Ullos was designed by Bull-O’Sullivan Architecture of Auckland as a premium exterior cladding for certain significant projects of theirs. The profile was adapted to be compatible in all respects with the Nu-Wall system. This avant-garde profile is suitable for either horizontal or vertical installation. Each board has a coverage of 162mm.

Ullos 2


Ullos 2 is a bolder version of the original Ullos, and adds a striking visual texture to any building. It is suitable for commercial and domestic use and can be installed in a horizontal or vertical orientation. Each board has a coverage of 162mm. Note that this profile requires a traditional fixing through the board rather than the standard clip. 

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